How long till we can do everything from our phones?

Last year Starbucks came out with an app for the IPhone that allows consumers to check their balance on their Starbucks gift cards, earn points towards future purchases and order and pay for their drink before they ever reach the store. This is amazing! How convenient that all you have to do is walk into the store and pick your item up. No more waiting in long lines and waiting to pay for your item. What is next in mobile applications? Consumers can’t get more convenient than this.

The importance here is that Starbucks and other companies are able to adapt to different types of phones and networks to ensure that someone who doesn’t have an Iphone isn’t penalized and not able to use this very cool application!  

In thinking about this who is next is using this technology how much faster can we get in and out and on with our everyday activities. There can be consumers out there that do not frequent places such as Starbucks as much as they would like to because they are unable to get in and out as fast as they need to. It will be very interesting to see after a year of this technology being active for Starbucks to see if they really have seen an increase in sales and increase in customer loyalty.

What kind of technology is next? Can you really imagine never having to get out of your car to buy groceries, purchase food and our favorite drinks, or even fight mall traffic? I am excited to see what all is too come!!!


How did we ever survive without mobile phones?

I can’t even begin to imagine that there was ever a time that people didn’t have mobile phones. The possibilities are endless on what we can do with or even accomplish on our phones.

I remember when my dad got our families first cell phone. It was inside of a bag and it had to be plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car. It was amazing to me how my mom could call while we were in the car. Then we evolved to phones that were not inside of a bag.

What about the old Zach Morris phone. I thought he was so cool walking around his school talking on his phone. Could you imagine if Zach would have been able to order a pizza on his phone or even checked his email?

Today we can keep in touch with everything going on in the world. We can choose apps that are tailored to our likes and we can be updated on promotions to our favorite companies. We also do not have to wait to get home before we are able to check our email. If you are driving down the road and you need an address or phone number never fear we have a 3G network!

Starbucks has just introduce a new mobile payment system which allows you to access your account and pay before you ever hit the store. Talk about convenience. When you are in a hurry you do not have to worry about digging in your car for you money push a few buttons and BAM your done. this links takes you a little more in detail about the mobile service.

Facebook has become a big thing these days and we all love to stay up to date with our friends. Just download that application onto your phone and you are connected all day everyday…you won’t miss a thing! You can also update your status and download a places app which allows your friends to know where you are at all times. Now personal I think this is crazy, but what ever floats your boat.

  • There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
  • People that use Facebook on their mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook than non-mobile users.
  • There are more than 200 mobile operators in 60 countries working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products

Check out this link for more interesting Facebook mobile stats:

The possibilities for a company in using this technology are endless. Email promotions and applications help consumers stay in touch with their favorite companies and helps remind them to stop on by before they go home. It is so amazing how far technology has come since the old bag phone and Zach Morris phone. I can just see Zach now checking his Facebook and keeping up to date with his friends!

Tell me how mobile applications and advertising has affected you.

How Important is Eye Appeal?

When I am looking through a magazine I usually glance at the advertisement’s pictures. If the picture interest me only then do I read the actual print. So this got me thinking… How important is eye appeal in web design?

When I am doing research for what ever it may be and I do a search on a search engine I quickly glance through the sites listed under the results. When I click on a site if it doesn’t LOOK interesting I click off and move to the next site. So how many people actually do this and how can this affect a company’s website and web traffic?

In any business class I have taken you really understand the importance of researching your target consumers and holding things such as focus groups to help a company truly understand what their target is looking for.

“Success relies on eye appeal to draw a visitor in and keep them around for a while. While what makes a website appealing to the eye can certainly vary from one kind of website to another, components that have a major effect include color palettes, photos, graphics, logos, fonts, font sizes, and even the spacing between lines of text. You know when you stumble across a great site that just immediately feels right? That’s a design working through eye appeal.”


Wow it really seems that a company’s web design can really hurt or help the brand. There is just so much stuff that goes into building a site.  Colors, graphics, sizes, logos etc.. So why not use focus groups to navigate through your site and give you back feedback.

#1 contender for worst web site of 2010

This site hurts my eyes. Who would even think that this would be something appealing. Way too much going on!

#4 contender for worst web site of 2010

This one has way too many words to read for me!

Link: check out this website to see the worst web designs for 2010.

In today’s world of technology and 3G networks consumers can access information from anywhere. We are already on information overload so web designers make life a little easier for us please!

YouTube Phenomenon

How is it that someone can take a homemade video, place it on the web and then the next day is a millionaire? It completely baffles me how this can happen so quickly.

Did you ever as a kid set and watch America’s Funniest Home videos? Well I did and I am not going to lie that every now and then I find myself watching it now. It is the same concept that you take a video of your child or family member doing something funny and place in the mail to hope that your video gets chosen to go on the show and place you in the running to win $10,000.

Today YouTube is used for everything. If you want to learn how to knit, play the guitar, or even tie your shoes you can go on the website and type it in and someone will show you how to do. I have even bought products recently that do not put instructions in the box but rather they have you log onto YouTube to find out how to use it. This is crazy!

Several months ago I just happen to be flipping through the channels on the TV and I came across the BET music awards. The host was talking about someone hiding their wife and kids. I left it on there for a minute to find a guy singing a song that everyone in the crowd knew and was singing along. I asked my boyfriend who this was and what it was about and he tells me to log onto YouTube and look up Antoine Dodson.

 If you were like me and have no clue what this name means just check out the link below.

Once this news video made it to YouTube some college student finds it and remixes it into a song and within a week the link had way over a million hits. In the same year the guy gets enough money to buy a home and get his family out of the projects and he lands a live spot on the BET awards. WOW!

Here is the link to the remixed song check it out.

The second big thing that happened last year was the man with a golden voice. Someone taped him on the side of the road talking and placed it on YouTube in just a week this man had over one million hits on his video and was being flown all of the country to do television news spots and he was offered jobs from stations like MTV and the Cleveland Cavaliers sports team.

Here is his link:

These two examples are just two of millions of videos on this site and it helps to explain how quickly the site can change someone’s life and career. So with all of this in mind what can it do for a company and their product. If you were a new company trying to promote a new product launch or even bring back awareness on an old product imagine the potential you have in using this site and raising awareness.

Wonder who and what will be the next big YouTube sensation this year….

Hello world!

Hello blogging world! I am new to blogging and very excited to get started with it.

 I want to begin with telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Brittany Bennett and I am a Human Resources Coordinator in the Raleigh/Durham area. I do just about anything and everything with my job, but pretty much I am just a babysitter. At least that is what it feels like sometimes.

I graduated from West Virginia University in May of 2006 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing. I am currently working on getting my master’s and hope to be finished this December.

I have started this blog to learn more about emerging media or collective media as I like to call it. It is hard to believe that long ago consumers and companies were satisfied with just newspaper or magazine advertisements. This link takes you to an article about the changing world of advertisements from Colonial American to today. shows you a very interesting advertising history timeline from 1704 to 1999. This timeline will show you 295 years of the most important American Advertising. You should check it out it is very neat to see how far everything has come. The most important I feel for today’s time on this timeline is that in 1993 the internet became a reality and by the end of this year their were 5 million users online. Then by 1999 internet advertising broke the $2 billion mark and was heading quickly to $3 billion. Amazing to me how it only took 6 years for everything to catch on and now look at us.

How many people out their can’t go a day without Facebook? In 2004 the social media phenomenon was born. Today their are 500 million active users of this site. My thoughts when I first began using Facebook was how exactly can this website help out a business.

Now I see it because not only are you able to reach more people than you could with traditional media, but you are also able to cut down on the costs of sending promotions and news to consumers that really do not want to know anything about your company. It is the perfect meet in the middle for businesses and consumers. I know I hate to get “junk” mail whether it is put in my mailbox or in my email mailbox. I wish I only received the information that I wanted and wasn’t bothered by the stuff that I just end of throwing away.

Facebook’s growth and potential has been unbelievable to me over the last 6 years, not only Facebook  but YouTube. Youtube started in 2005. Here are some interesting stats from

94 of Adage’s 100 top advertised have run campaigns on YouTube and the Google Content Network. Parter advertising revenues more than tripled in 2009 and the number of advertisers using display advertisements on YouTube increased 10-fold in the past year. These statistics are amazing. Just a few weeks ago someone driving down the road taped a homeless guy and placed it on YouTube. Now the guy has a job with the Cavs and has been put up with a home and I am sure anything else that he can imagine. How is it that individuals can just tape themselves or someone doing something and then the next thing you now they are the next big thing!

“In 2010, there was a growth in the social media, especially on Twitter, with a total of more than 175 million users and Facebook with about 500 million users. Businesses have taken note of this. “We noticed more businesses using social networking this year, particularly national chains,” said Rebecca Flach, a spokeswoman with the Retail Council of New York State. As an example, she gave an anecdote of her own experience with a company that offered a discounted price and free shipping for simply “liking” them on Facebook. And many companies have similar offers. “Businesses focus on community and creating relationships with their customers. Social media is a good way to accomplish this,” she said. Though slightly different mediums, Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to advertise and make announcements to a large group of people. In the case of Facebook, their “Friends” see the updates. And, with Twitter, they have “Followers.”

With blogs, Facebook, Twitter, webcasts and any other type of social media out their companies can really reach out to more people than they could have every imagine. It is just so easy to get information out to people and get their feedback. Feedback is so important for everyone and every business. I know I love to seek feedback about how I am doing with my job and school so I can see how important it is for a company to build a basis of information from their consumers to help them succeed.

There are so many different types of new emerging media and we can blog about them all day. I want to just comment on one more thing before I leave yall. Collective media is what I commented earlier in the post as to what I like to call it. So many people out their like to be involved in decision making and becoming the next big thing. With the media we have today we are given endless possiblities of what we are able to do to help out our success along with our favorite company’s success. Collective is a sum of everything along with the ideas of everyone being brought together to come up with something better. Doesn’t it make sense to call the new emerging media collective media…